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Focus on diagnosis and treatment of Lipid Disorders (cholesterol and triglycerides), Preventive Cardiology (prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and strokes) and prevention and treatment of Dysmetabloic disease (e.g. diabetes and obesity)

Lipid Clinic Consultation Service

As the Baltimore area’s only Lipid Clinic specializing in women (men seen also!) and directed by an elected Fellow of the National Lipid Association/Fellow of the American Society for Preventive Cardiology/Board Certified Menopausal Practitioner, Baltimore Lipid Center is unique! Patients are seen by self and cardiologist/endocrinologist/ GYN/ pediatrician/ primary care doctor referral, from throughout the region. Onsite assessment of lab work and onsite ECAQ carotid imaging allows simple, state of the art risk assessment and management. Our on-site Board-certified Clinical Nutritionist consults on almost all patients (usually covered by insurance) . Common reasons for referral are second opinion about the treatment, statin intolerance/side effects, premature or severe family history of cardiovascular disease, diabetic and pre-diabetic cholesterol and triglyceride issues, very high cholesterol/triglyceride values, and progression of the disease (e.g. repeated cardiovascular events) on conventional therapies.

Primary Care

My primary care/internal medicine practice is a concierge practice. Build a closer relationship with your physician who can spend more time with you (instead of trying to see 30 patients per day). The annual fee is $1,500/year (unchanged since 2010). Advantages of this type of practice also include the ability to email the physician, the incredible help of Office Manager Kristen Evans to help guide you through specialist appointments, pre-ops, prior authorizations (and navigate the complex healthcare system in general), and 90-minute Annual Preventative Exam. 

Extra Cranial Atherosclerosis Quantification (ECAQ)

“ECAQ” is a simple in office ultrasound procedure to assess the presence of atherosclerotic plaque. This information is used to gauge the intensity of lipid (cholesterol and triglyceride) lowering therapy you need to reduce your heat attack and stroke. To find out more follow this link.

Menopausal Consultation Service

As a North American Menopause Society (NAMS) Certified Menopausal Clinician, Dr. Pokrywka is attuned to the unique medical issues of the last 40-50% of a woman’s life-the menopause. 

Medical Cannabis 

Dr. P has attended Md Medical Cannabis Committee meetings and provides Medical Cannabis advice and certification for official Maryland approved indications, which are chiefly chronic pain, PTSD, and anorexia/wasting syndromes. (Contrary to popular opinion, anxiety and insomnia are NOT approved indications in Maryland for medical cannabis)

Nutritional and Medical Weight Loss Consultation

Dr. P works with our on-site Board Certified Clinical Dietitian (usually covered by insurance) to assess your diet and leverage a nutritional and exercise program to reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and if necessary obesity-related complications. We often utilize such concepts as “low-carb”, “intermittent fasting” and “time-restricted feeding”. Bariatric medications (“weight-loss meds”) are often utilized when needed, and referral for bariatric surgery can be done.

Opioid and Alcohol Treatment

Dr. P has treated addictions patients (opioid and alcohol) since 2010 and has been Medical Director at First Step Addictions Center. He utilized a “medically assisted therapy” approach, combining medications like sublingual suboxone and Vivitrol injections, with mandatory counseling and on-site drug testing. This part of the practice is “cash-only” as insurance plans pay little or nothing for this type of treatment but WILL cover the medications. 

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death and a reduction in quality of life in the United States. It is often preventable. Dr. Pokrywka is a National thought leader in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, and has published and lectured extensively coast to coast on the topics of advanced cholesterol/lipoprotein testing, prevention of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and focuses (not exclusively) on Menopausal women and the above problems. We always encourage aggressive lifestyle changes first and use appropriate medications next when indicated.

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HeartHealth Tip of the Day:
Enjoyment of a hobby is associated with an 8-fold lower risk of future cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke due to improvement in vascular health.

We're grateful for vaccines. We're grateful for everyone working hard & taking steps to keep our communities safe. Merry Christmas from all of us at Vaccinate Your Family. Have a safe, healthy, merry Christmas! 💚 ❤️

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