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It's coming! Now is time for US clinicians to start learning about twice-a-year dosing siRNA therapeutic agent inclisiran, which targets PCSK9 production thereby dramatically improving lipid metrics -

What "functional medicine" really is - RESPECTFUL INSOLENCE . Please avoid these "functional medicine practitioners." They DO do some positive things but their philosophy and approach overall is seriously flawed. GREAT READ ! :)

Resistance training as a medicine to improve endothelial function - ScienceDirect (both dynamic resistance training and isometric hand grip training contribute to improved endothelial function measured as flow-mediated dilatation of the brachial artery)

Recent publications on Residual Risk : why a lifetime perspective matters. Therapy based on a lifetime benefit approach would increase CVD-free life years substantially more than with risk-factor based treatment

When is it Appropriate to Lower Low Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol Levels to <30 mg/dL?

The Baltimore Ravens and The Stephen & Renee Bisciotti Foundation are donating $1 million to support Hurricane Ida relief funds in New Orleans and the surrounding Louisiana areas.

I really don’t like seeing this Adam. When I came into the league the NFL had a stance against gambling. Now it seems like we’ve accepted it. I realize it’s legal now but we’ve all seen the damage gambling can do to lives. I don’t think we should be promoting it.

Adam Schefter@AdamSchefter

Sign of the times: NFL has reached agreements with FOX Bet, BetMGM, PointsBet, and WynnBET to become Approved Sportsbook Operators for the 2021 NFL season.

Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Kosterina Greek Olive Oil the VERY best EVOO; hi phenol content associated with cardioprotection in the Predimed study !

LDC-Limbo: Lowering to Desired Levels of Cholesterol: Lasting Improvements and Meaningful Benefits Overall

WOW - Dr Bill Harris 20 minute interview with 1 of the giants in fatty acid lipidology - Copenhagen's Dr. Jörn Dyerberg was one of the pioneers with Olaf Bang who took their dogsleds to Greenland & evaluated the Inuits - discovered EPA @OmegaQuant

Durant is up to 23 points as #USA's lead grows to 59-50 after going down by 15 in the first half.

Aussie might need to bring Thybulle in ASAP. KD might go off for 40.

Holiday, Booker, Bam have been exceptional, too.

#Olympics #Tokyo2020

For the next #NFLPASummerReadingSearies feature we would like to highlight @BirkMatt. Matt played for the @Vikings and @Ravens. He is the author of "All Pro Wisdom"!

Keynote – Atherogenic potential of postprandial lipaemia in diabetes - Triglyceride Forum

Keynote – Remnant cholesterol - Triglyceride Forum

Ask a Scientist About T. rex | AMNH

How Much Exercise Do You Need for Better Heart Health? - The New York Times

Carbs have been vilified & blamed for obesity epidemic, T2D & CVD. But the important role of carbohydrate in a healthy diet is often forgotten. This paper is an excellent review of carbs re wt, IR, T2D, inflammation, lipids, CVD & all-cause mortality.


For those who know their lipid biochemistry - These are a collection of very short & funny song parodies written & sung by David Kritchevsky who was also one of the most influential researchers on diet & health of the 20th century. Take a listen at

Are You a Carboholic? Why Cutting Carbs Is So Tough - The New York Times

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