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Apolipoprotein C-III reduction in subjects with moderate hypertriglyceridaemia and at high cardiovascular risk | European Heart Journal | Oxford Academic

“Myocarditis: COVID-19 Is a Much Bigger Risk to the Heart than Vaccination - via @ConversationUS -
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A 21 day crossover study of 16 obese women finds eating high amounts of fish & cheese is better than a Mediterranean diet (30% vs 20% protein) at controlling fasting insulin and glucose levels

Glenn Beck is a millionaire who could have gotten the vaccine free but instead chose to get covid twice with all of the complications that come with it entering his lungs.

I have no sympathy.

7 things you can do to prevent a stroke - Harvard Health

#DYK exercise is a stroke reducer? While you’re setting your goals for the new year, make sure you’re including exercise at least five days a week. Learn more: #RethinkCVRisk

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Because I skip 1-2 meals most days, and eat a mainly sugar-free diet, my liver is trained and easily and steadily takes care of my glucose needs, in a process called gluconeogenesis. It’s way smarter than my eyes and mouth 😉 10/n

Reducing spikes in blood glucose is considered healthy in the long run. In mice, the drug Acarbose blunts the spike & they live 4-17% longer 🐭 Consider eating some protein before carbs, reduce sugar and avoid high “GI” foods like rice and bread. Refs + more info👇

Omicron Variant May Help Beat Delta, Study Suggests - The New York Times

E.O. Wilson, a Pioneer of Evolutionary Biology, Dies at 92 - The New York Times

Vaccines Prevent Severe Disease From Omicron, New Studies Say - The New York Times

The New COVID-19 Pill, Paxlovid, Interacts with Many Medications: Cardiac Patients Take Note – The Skeptical Cardiologist

How To Achieve The “New Normal” Life With COVID-19 – The Skeptical Cardiologist

Reminder: THERE IS NO LAB TEST called LDL. LDL refers to a heterogenous group of the lipoprotein family defined by a specific density range. LDL-C IS NOT A LIPOPROTEIN but rather a lab metric that provides the collective cholesterol cargo of all LDLs per unit volume @society_eas


Do Hangover Cures Like Cheers Really Work? – The Skeptical Cardiologist

There Are Now 2 New COVID Antivirals. Which One's For You? | American Council on Science and Health

Tracking the New Outpatient Treatments For COVID-19 in Early 2022: We Have an Effective Pill! – The Skeptical Cardiologist

Scientists Have Taught Spinach to Send Emails. It Doesn't Involve a Computer

After a #COVID19 vaccine, non-serious side effects, like arm pain or brief tiredness are common and a sign that your child’s body is building protection against COVID-19 illness. Everyone ages 5 years and older should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

HeartHealth Tip of the Day:
Enjoyment of a hobby is associated with an 8-fold lower risk of future cardiovascular events such as heart attack or stroke due to improvement in vascular health.

We're grateful for vaccines. We're grateful for everyone working hard & taking steps to keep our communities safe. Merry Christmas from all of us at Vaccinate Your Family. Have a safe, healthy, merry Christmas! 💚 ❤️

FDA Approves Inclisiran, a Twice-Yearly Injection to Lower LDL Levels |

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