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Artificial Proteins Never Seen in the Natural World Are Becoming New COVID Vaccines and Medicines - Scientific American

Zipper-Related Penis Injuries: A Medical Concern of Modern-Day Men ( BEWARE !)

Spectacular footage of D-Day, the 6th of June 1944 in color (Enhanced and A.I. colorized) - YouTube

FDA Approves 'Wegovy,' Likely First in a New Era of Obesity Treatment

5 Myths that Persist about COVID-19 Vaccines

4 slides: LDL-C/apoB ratio was used as a surrogate of mean LDL particle diameter with > 1.0 suggesting larger (cholesterol-rich) & < 1.0 suggesting smaller (cholesterol-poor) particles. It takes more of the latter to carry a given mass of cholesterol


6 takeaways from @BioLayne on @PeterAttiaMD podcast

#Exercise #fitness #nutrition

1) Exercise is the most important drug we have.

Use it! Don't get bogged down by the details of nutrition.

TGRLP - The major role of CETP in the exchange of core neutral lipids (TG & CE) - Here is one of my slides (wish I could attach the animations that my slides have) and an oldie but goodie review - (in graphic the VLDL particle can also be a chylomicron)

How the United States Beat the Coronavirus Variants, for Now - The New York Times

Mo Gaba, who battled cancer and was blind, became part of the fabric in the Baltimore sports community and made a lasting impact on the Ravens.

Mo died on July 28, 2020, but his legacy continues to carry on.

The COVID-19 “Vaccine Holocaust”: The latest antivaccine messaging

How antimaskers weaponize techniques of scientific analysis to attack mask mandates | Science-Based Medicine

I used to get so angry with idiotic articles like this, but now I realize such scientifically illiterate and click-baity titles actually help me filter quicker. With titles like this, there is zero risk of missing anything valuable by not reading.

#DYK: The link between stress & #CV is shown to be stronger in women than in men.

Recent studies reported that stressful life events & social strain can increase a woman’s likelihood of developing coronary heart disease by up to 21%.

Five myths about obesity - The Washington Post

Zypitamag (pitavastatin) now available for $1 per day through Marley Drug. Find out how easy it is! #noinsurance #affordablemedicatons #patientaccess

Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease: AHA Scientific Statement - American College of Cardiology

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